Rui Kiriyama (桐山 瑠衣)

Rui Kiriyama (桐山 瑠衣, Kiriyama Rui, born January 15, 1991 in Tokyo) is a Japanese gravure idol. In 2007, when she was in the 11th grade, she was scouted in Ueno to be a gravure idol. In 2008, she was chosen “Nittere Uragenic (Mobataregenic)” and “The first G Teregirl of a magazine “Monthly Gravure, The Television”. and in 20010, “D Sign”, the D1 Grand Prix Image Girl.

ボクのH 桐山瑠衣, Rui Kiriyama Hに胸キュン 桐山瑠衣, Rui Kiriyama Hなだんりょく 桐山瑠衣, Rui Kiriyama Ruikore - Super Extra - / Rui Kiriyama H ni Mune Kyun / Rui Kiriyama Suggoi H / Rui Kiriyama PURURUNH / Rui Kiriyama HATSUKOIH / Rui Kiriyama Miracle H / Rui Kiriyama WONDER H / Rui Kiriyama

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