Sayaka Tashiro (田代 さやか)

Sayaka Tashiro (田代 さやか, Tashiro Sayaka, born September 9, 1985 in Nagoya, Aichi prefecture) is a Japanese gravure Idol. Sayaka came to Tokyo to learn dancing. A teacher in the dancing school introduced her to Horipuro production, and she started to talk in a radio program. She is only 154 cm tall but with beautiful breasts and hips, which makes her popular in magazines and on TVs.

おしえてさやか 田代さやか, Sayaka Tashiro しなやかさやか 田代さやか, Sayaka Tashiro 甘美なさやか 田代さやか, Sayaka Tashiro Weekly Play Boy / Shueisha baribari Sayaka / Sayaka Tashiro

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Hello, I am tonton, a Japanese girl. I came up to the idea of introducing Japanese photo models in English.
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