Aimi Yoshikawa (吉川 あいみ)

Aimi Yoshikawa (吉川 あいみ, Yoshikawa Aimi, born February 15, 1994 in Tokyo) is a Japanese gravure idol just being debuted. She is 153 cm with three sizes B95cm W58cm H85cm.

Aimi’s first DVD was published on August 25, 2012. The genre of the video is Chaku-Ero.

あんなぷるな 今野杏南, Anna Konno

New Star Debut “Aimi Yoshikawa” Air control

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Anna Konno (今野 杏南), Anna Toida (戸井田 杏南)

Anna Konno (今野 杏南, Konno Anna, born June 15, 1989 in Shonan, kanagawa) is a Japanese gravure idol.

When she was in the 9th grade, she appeared in a corner “Pheromone Junior-High Girls” in a variety show “Shibusuta S.B.S.T.” of TV Tokyo. In the program, she used her real name Anna Toida (戸井田 杏南). Since she was born in Shonan by the sea, she was called “Pheromone Surf Girl”. In February 2011, the first filming of her image video was carried out in Shirahama, Chiba, Japan. In May, the first image DVD “The lips of Ancho” was released.

In 2012, she became a member of “Nittelegenic 2012″.

あんなぷるな 今野杏南, Anna Konno あんちょの唇 今野杏南, Anna Konno EX Taishu / Futabasha Asa-gei Secret / Tokuma Shoten ANCHOBEAM / Annna Konno

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Mai Nishida (西田 麻衣)

Mai Nishida (西田 麻衣, Nishida Mai, born March 23, 1989 in Kyoto) is a Japanese gravure idol and actress. In 2006, she was awarded Grand Prix among 3152 girls in “Swimsuit Gravure Audition” by Space Craft Group. She debuted in “Weekly Young Sunday”. She was “Miss second semester, 2006″ of YS Otome girls’ school. She is an “image model” of a fashion brand, KIKS TVD.

ゆれるまいぷる 西田麻衣, Mai Nishida Mai Baby 西田麻衣, Mai Nishida 麻衣のエンジェるんとデビるん 西田麻衣, Mai Nishida PURURUN MAIPURIN / Mai Nishida Hits! Limited Mai Nishida 2 Trading Card BOX / Character Goods

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Rui Kiriyama (桐山 瑠衣)

Rui Kiriyama (桐山 瑠衣, Kiriyama Rui, born January 15, 1991 in Tokyo) is a Japanese gravure idol. In 2007, when she was in the 11th grade, she was scouted in Ueno to be a gravure idol. In 2008, she was chosen “Nittere Uragenic (Mobataregenic)” and “The first G Teregirl of a magazine “Monthly Gravure, The Television”. and in 20010, “D Sign”, the D1 Grand Prix Image Girl.

ボクのH 桐山瑠衣, Rui Kiriyama Hに胸キュン 桐山瑠衣, Rui Kiriyama Hなだんりょく 桐山瑠衣, Rui Kiriyama Ruikore - Super Extra - / Rui Kiriyama H ni Mune Kyun / Rui Kiriyama Suggoi H / Rui Kiriyama PURURUNH / Rui Kiriyama HATSUKOIH / Rui Kiriyama Miracle H / Rui Kiriyama WONDER H / Rui Kiriyama

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Misato Kashiwagi (柏木 美里)

Misato Kashiwagi (柏木 美里, Kwshiwagi Misato, born January 20, 1984 in Chiba) is a race queen and gravure idol. After graduating high school, she proceeded to study in a nurse college, and became a hospital nurse. However, a race queen was her dream from high school days, and in 2006, she quit her job and engaged with a show business company. In 2007, she became a race queen as a “Super GT Calsonic lady”.

放送禁止 柏木美里, Misato Kashiwagi STALKER 柏木美里, Misato Kashiwagi 魅せられて… 柏木美里, Misato Kashiwagi Young champion / Akita Shoten Ouse / Misato Kashiwagi Mikkai / Misato Kashiwagi Shukan Play Boy / Shueisha

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Nana Ozaki (尾崎 ナナ)

Nana Ozaki (尾崎 ナナ, Ozaki Nana, born September 12, 1982 in Osaka) is a Japanese gravure idol. Her management company is Artist Box.
When Nana was in elementary school, she was impressed by Yumi Adachi and dreamed of being an actress.
In 2077, she was once fired by Artist Box, because her nude pictures were published in “FLASH” magazine without permission. Now she is again working with Artist Box.

潜入捜査官 尾崎ナナ, Nana Ozaki オイシイ関係 尾崎ナナ, Nana Ozaki ナナの温泉物語 尾崎ナナ, Nana Ozaki Nana Ozaki / Nana Ozaki Tenkosei / Nana Ozaki

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Kokone Sasaki (佐々木 心音)

Kokone Sasaki (佐々木 心音, Sasaki Kokone, born May 22, 1990 in Tokyo) is a gravure idol, actress, and singer. She writes and composes her own songs.

When she was a teenager, she acted as a stage actress. From the spring of 2010, Kokone started singing with her mother, Hiroko Sasaki, in a music unit CO906.

Heart Beat 佐々木心音, Kokone Sasaki ココにいるネ 佐々木心音, Kokone Sasaki MIYAZAWA「THE Movie」 佐々木心音, Kokone Sasaki Kinjirareta Kokoro / Kokone Sasaki Arihureta Oto denaku / Kokone Sasaki

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Rei Toda (戸田 れい)

Rei Toda (戸田 れい, Toda Rei, born February 9, 1987 in Tokyo) is a Japanese Gravure idol and actress. Rei was awarded second grad prix and Photogenic award in “Miss Mobage Grad Prix ’09″ contest. She likes sports such as tennis, horse riding, boggy board. She plays the guitar. She was lefty, but her mother fixed it, although she plays sports mainly with her right hand.

願望図鑑 戸田れい, Rei Toda My Baby~私とあなたの~ 戸田れい, Rei Toda MIYAZAWA「THE Movie」 戸田れい, Rei Toda Cossava / Rei Toda, Masu Nagao, Asuka Ruike Selfish / Rei Toda

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Ai Shinozaki (篠崎 愛)

Ai Shinozaki (篠崎 愛, Ai Shinozaki, born February 26, 1992 in Tokyo) is a Japanese gravure idol and singer. She is called Ai-chan.

In 2006, she was awarded second prize in “Seicolle” audition in “Weekly Young Jump” magazine. In 2008, the first CD “M” was released. In 2011, she joined an idol unit “AeLL”. In 2011, Ai was awarded “Miss Young Animal 2011″ Grand Prix in “Young Animal” magazine.

「愛」がんばってます! 篠崎愛, Ai Shinozaki 桜サクコロ, Ai Shinozaki 「愛」あふれてます! 篠崎愛, Ai Shinozaki 愛-Link~あいりんく~ 篠崎愛, Ai Shinozaki 甘い果実 篠崎愛, Ai Shinozaki Magical Eyes 篠崎愛, Ai Shinozaki 約束~北海道遠距離恋愛~ 篠崎愛, Ai Shinozaki

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Serina (芹那)

Serina (芹那, born May 19, 1985 in Iwamizawa, Hokkaido) is a Japanese idol, who is an ex-member of a girls’ idol group “SDN48.
In 2004, she was nominated in “Seicolle☆Japan” of “Young Jump” magazine. On August 1, 2009, she started working in SDN48. Till October 15, 2009, she declared her age younger by three years old. On March 31, 2012, she was graduated from SDN48.

Eden 芹那, Serina Serina Official Card Collection Pastel Color BOX / Character Goods Young Animal / Hakusensha Hits! Limited Serina First Trading Card BOX / Character Goods

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