Yukie Kawamura (川村 ゆきえ, 川村 雪絵)

Yukie Kawamura (川村 ゆきえ Kawamura Yukie, born January 23, 1986 in Otaru, Hokkaido) is a Japanese gravure idol, tarento, and actress signed to Japan Art.
Yukie, born in Otaru, was raised up in Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture, and Abiko, Chima prefecture. She was awarded the second prize in “Weekly Young Jump ^ Sei Colle 2003″. Then she started to appear in magazines, photo books, and DVDs.

ラブラブ☆Happy! 川村ゆきえ INNOCENT ~川村ゆきえ~ Kawamura Yukie no Mizugi de Golf / Yukie Kawamura Ching kame Golden Best! / Keisuke Naito Champion Gold Celection Your Kisses / Yukie Kawamura

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