Emi Kobayashi (小林 恵美)

Emi Kobayashi (小林 恵美 Kobayashi Emi, born January 1, 1983 in Tokyo) is a Japanese gravure idol. She belonged to the show-business production Yellow Cab before 2004, and now belongs to Suns Entertainment. She portrayed the hostess who became a nun named Saori in Lion-Maru G.
Emi graduated from Aoyama Gakuin Senior High School. As a freshman there, she was in the swimming club. She later earned a degree in management at Aoyama Gakuin University. When she belonged to Yellow Cab Kobayashi was a member of R.C.T. She was a defender for the futsal team Carezza, having uniform number 3.

素肌 小林恵美, Emi Kobayashi Last Venus 小林恵美, Emi Kobayashi Last Venus 小林恵美, Emi Kobayashi FRIDAY DYNAMITE / Kodansha Emi Kobayashi Photobook INNER FOREST / Emi Kobayashi / Masaji Hashimoto Dolche II / Emi Kobayashi

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