Yoko Matsugane (松金 洋子)

Yoko Matsugane (松金 洋子 Matsugane Yōko, born May 26, 1982 in Ibaraki Prefecture) is a Japanese gravure idol. She is famous for her voluptuous figure. She has released several DVDs and photobooks and has appeared on several TV shows in Japan. As of January 2006, Yoko left her modeling agency, but is still active in producing DVDs and photo sets.

At the times of the release of her latest DVD she usually attends promotional events where her fans get to meet their idol and take a picture with her. These events are most often held in department stores in the Akihabara district of Tokyo.

She is also a traveling DJ and has performed in various clubs in Japan, Australia and Singapore.

SWEETπ 松金洋子, Yoko Matsugane Dulcet 松金洋子, Yoko Matsugane 豊穣-ほうじょう- 松金洋子, Yoko Matsugane Yoko Matsukane BODY & SOUL BOX / Yoko Matsukane Ryojo Aiyoku / Yoko Matsukane Bakusho - Paishicho 24zi / Yoko Matsugane

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