Kasumi Nakane (仲根 かすみ), Kasumi Ue (植 可澄美)

Kasumi Nakane (仲根 かすみ Nakane Kasumi is a Japanese model, gravure idol, and actress born on April 3, 1982 in Higashiōsaka, Osaka and raised in Tokyo, Japan. Her birth name was Kasumi Nakasone (仲宗根 かすみ Nakasone Kasumi), and she formerly worked under the name Kasumi Ue (植 可澄美 Ue Kasumi). She graduated from the private Horikoshi High School, the same school attended by talent such as Yoko Minamino, Yōko Oginome, Ai Katō, and Masumi Miyazaki.

In 1993, Nakane joined the Nezumikko Club, an all-girl idol group composed of Nakane, Natsu Itō, Kana Itō, Sato Higashi, Ami Yamazaki, Emiko Inoue, Juri Miyazawa, and Chiaki Nakajima. The group was created to ride on the popularity of such groups as Onyanko Club. The group released two albums, both in 1993. In 1996, she began working as a gravure idol, gaining success due to having a larger bust for her age. Nakane began appearing in 1999 in drama series, as well as in variety, sports, educational, and other television programs.
She married Japanese baseball player Tsuyoshi Wada on 2005-12-10. She gave birth to their first daughter on September 13, 2006.

Nakane has been a spokesperson for MSN at the WPB Expo in Tokyo. She helped launch a “morning wake-up call” service in 2002 by personally calling five customers selected at random as part of the service. In 2004, she participated in a Yahoo! chat session to promote the release of her DVD box set Nakane Kasumi Memories Box “Merci!” in which over 6700 individuals participated by submitting over 3700 questions.

予感 ~face~ 仲根かすみ, Kasumi Nakane 夏の思い出 ~沖縄伝説~, Kasumi Nakane 仲根かすみ もういちど逢いたい Special Price DVD, Kasumi Nakane Natsu no Omoide / Kasumi Nakane Life-sized Cushion / Kasumi Nakane Unplugged / Kasumi Nakane

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  1. Joanna says:

    Satou Rika’s actually Pink, not Yellow. ^^;; Yellow is Niwa Mikiho from the idol group Canary Club.I’m tolltay looking forward to this series, I like both the girls already, and Blue and Black were previously in the Prince of Tennis musicals, which I love. Hamao Kyousuke/Black is one of my favorite actors <333 I've watched this trailer a billion times already and I'm still not tired of it, Mao and Mikki in the Black + Yellow shot are so pretty!

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