Miri Hanai (花井 美里, 花井 美理)

Miri Hanai (花井 美理, Hanai Miri, born October 15, 1984 in Tokyo), is a gravure idol. In April 2003 and in September 2003, she appeared in Bunkasha Publishing’s magazine ‘’Maaruman (まぁるまん)’’. In 2004 she made guest appearances on various Japanese variety shows such as “Otobako Toryumon (音箱登龍門)” and began to be an established gravure idol. In June 2005 she made her singing debut when GENEON Entertainment (ジェネオンエンタテインメント) released her maxi single “Premonition” in a CD+DVD bundle. She appeared in Metal Gear Solid 3 in some posters.
In May 2007, Miri changed the kanji for her name from 美里 to 美理.

メゾン・ド・ミリ 花井美理 デカップ詰合せ やわらかオッパイ恥じらいピクピク CARA 花井美理 Millionaire / Miri Hanai Idol One: Shake! Shake! / Miri Hanai

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