DMM free membership for you

Being a member, you can purchase products and enjoy free trailers.

Your credit card number is needed, but nothing will be charged unless you purchase files.

1. Go to Enrollment Site:

2. Press Yellow Button:

3. Fill in Your Name in Japanese Alphabets, E-mail Address, and Phone Number:

This part is the most difficult.  If you need a help, you can post a comment or e-mail me at “tonton at (change at to @, please) I will help you.

4. Create Password:

5. Fill in Credit Card Info:

6. Press Yellow Button to Confirm:
Press the yellow button for the registration.

7. If you see the following image, you are accepted as a member!

If you want to login as a member now, press the yellow button.

If you want to login later, visit the following site:

Enter your e-mail address, password, and press the red button to login.

Enjoy the site as a member!!

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