Kanon, 花暖


In the latest work of “Clara Pictures” label, Kanon-chan in the second grade appears. She takes a bath in the bath tab, licks soft ice cream, body painting on her body by herself, playing innocently. Watching this DVD, Kanon-chan’s little devilish smiles will melt you.

Kanon, 花暖

Natsumi Anzu, 杏 なつみ


An image video of a popular junior idol, Natsumi Anzu. She went to Okinawa for the first time for the film, and hustled in bikinis, a school swimsuit, a gym uniform, etc. She boldly challenged a body painting. Never miss her cute, genuine smiles she sometimes shows!!

杏なつみ, Natsumi Anzu

Ayano Mito, 未戸 あやの

ちょっぴり、ふっくらした容姿が魅力のあやのちゃん。10歳にして、女の色気を感じずにおられません。そんな魅力をもったあやのちゃんは今回、初めて DVDに出演!!色っぽさを見せながら、スクール水着、体操着、制服などに着替え、フラフープ、ホッピングなどにチャレンジ!!もちろん、水着でお風呂シーンもあります。子供らしさとオトナ顔負けの色気は、もう、どうにも、こうにも買わずにはいられない作品です。

Her bit plump looks are the charm of Ayano-chan. At the age of 10 years old, she show sexiness of a lady. This is the first DVD of Ayano-chan with such a charm!! With sexiness, she changes herself in a school swimsuit, a gym uniform, and a school uniform, challenging hula hoop and hopping!! Of course, bathing in a swimsuit is a must. Childish but sexy is Ayano-chan, whose video must you buy.

未戸あやの, Ayano Mito

Ayaka Misaki, 三咲 あやか


Ayaka-chan living in Hokkaido. Tomboy healthily raised in the nature likes running very much! This is Ayaka-chan’s first appearance in the video! We expected her to be nervous, but on the other hand, with innocent smiles, she changes herself into a school swimsuit, a gym uniform, and a school uniform, and rides on a monocycle, dances, hula hoops, and plays with a ball, and hustles! Of course, she takes shower in a swimming suit. Ayaka-chan’s DVD will cheer you up!

三咲あやか, Ayaka Misaki

Hitomi Okazaki, 岡崎 瞳


“Clara Pictures”, a video label specialized in U-18 idols with numbers of fans now features a super nova, Hitomi Okasaki of eight years old. Although she does not show herself often in medias, she is very popular on the net, and there are many fans who were hoping her DVD to appear. In this video, Hitomi-chan has so much fun in a swimsuit: an must-buy item.

岡崎瞳, Hitomi Okazaki

Anna Onishi, 大西 杏奈


Anna Onishi, who appears commercials, dramas, and theaters, a booming 6th grader. She once sang “Girl A” imitaing Akina Nakamori to won the Grand Prix; a history showing her talent. In this filming, she did not hesitate, and her friendly, outgoing character is all open. The staffs are the best, who created “Fuko Ishikawa“, “Miho Kaneko“, etc. in “Clara” label.

Mao Shukuin, 祝印 真央


With Nao-chan older by four years, Mao-chan depending on her is always happy, bright, and playfulness. She does her best on plays and singing, which impresses you. Singer in the future? Kid idol Mao-chan is so promising, whose innocent behaviors will heal you!

祝印真央, Mao Shukuin

Sara Onodera, 小野寺 沙羅


I am Sara Onodera. Nine years old. I am a tiny girl of 124 cm tall. My favorite sport is riding a monocycle, isn’t it greal?! I am good at dancing, yeah yeah! My favorite food is ice cream, of course! And my dream is to be a dancer!! “Clara” tries our best to feature beautiful girls like angels who arrive onto the stressful modern earth, a label one and only, so be with us!

小野寺沙羅, Sara Onodera

Hana Maeda, 前田 はな


I am Hana Maeda. 8 years old. Nice to meet you. Well, my hair is short. I like dancing. I am good at drawing. My favorite food is Omelet rice! I will try all my best, so watch me!! “Clara” is the only label, which tries the best to make appear beautiful girls like angels who come down to the stressful modern earth, so please be with us!

前田はな, Hana Maeda

Miina Ichijo, 一条 美衣奈


Miina Ichijo, 12 years old, has beautiful hair that can beat that of Zhāng Zǐyí. Minae-chan is fond of ballet, shall we dance? Minae-chan is good at studies, too, and has passed the exams to prove that she has learned as much as high-school students!!

一条美衣奈, Miina Ichijo