Miyuu Sasaki, 佐々木 みゆう

期待の新人、小学6年生。美少女みゆうちゃんの1st DVD。初めての撮影に恥じらい緊張しながらも等身大の11歳をありのまま映し出された映像は透明感100%!!得意の新体操を生かしてのバレーレオタードは体の柔らかさで180度の開脚も披露♪スクール水着で温泉に入ったり、初めて着る制服にドキドキしながら川で水遊び!こんな妹がいたらいいな☆のたっぷり充実した作品です。

First DVD of a promising newcomer in the 6th grade, beautiful Miyuu-chan. In her first video recording, Miyuu-chan was nervous and timid, but the real 11-year old girl is depicted as she is with a 100% purity!! In a leotard, she opens her legs at 180 degree, thanks to her flexible body trained by rhythmic sportive gymnastics♪ Dipping herself in a hot spring wearing a school swimsuit, and playing in a river with a school uniform she wears fro the first time! You wish you had a sister like her☆ Satisfying contents.

5時のチャイム 佐々木みゆう, Miyuu Sasaki

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