Airi Matsumoto, 松本 愛梨


Airi-can of 8 years old with cute looks appears in “Angel’s Picture Diary” for the first time. She is only 8 years old and 145 cm tall. When having fun in the pool or jacuzzi, she is cute but looks older than that. Filming in water is popular in “Picture Diary”, and Airi-chan likes it, which impressed the staffs. In the latter part of the video in the athletic field, she was happily playing. The staffs forgot themselves and kept filming her, thinking how tall she would be. This is her first DVD, and she said she wants to be a star with her efforts.

「天使の絵日記」松本愛梨8才 おちゃめなマーメイド, Airi Matsumoto

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