Mari Kawashima, 川島 麻利


Cute Mari Kawashima, 12 years old, with short-cut hair and round big eyes. She has a boyish atmosphere, but on the contrary, she likes playing the piano and listening to the music; very girlish. She is so charming with an attractive gap!!

川島麻利, Mari Kawashima

Mayu Shimizu, 清水 まゆ


Mayu-chan, 10 years old, a little bit precocious! She is fond of collecting soft dolls and playing tennis, like a cute girl, but yes precocious Mayu-chan also likes accessories and cosmetics! You will enjoy the precociousness of Mayu-chan.

清水まゆ, Mayu Shimizu

Mai Sasaki, 佐々木 舞


Mai-chan full of energy is a cuty cuty 10-year old girl, who is good at singing and ballet! In TVs and movies, dramas and theaters, she is so active! Her dream is to be a Hollywood star who can sing and dance!!

佐々木舞, Mai Sasaki

Aoi Akaboshi, 赤星 葵

赤星葵 10歳…関西在住の元気溌剌おもろい美少女です!フラフープ・一輪車が大得意の運動神経抜群の葵ちゃんがプールに運動にと10歳パワー炸裂で飛び回ります!もう見ているだけで元気モリモリ、栄養ドリンクみたいな作品です!!

Aoi Akaboshi 10 years old… A happy and funny beauty living in Kansai area! Aoi-chan, good at sports, especially hula hoop and monocycle, moves around in the swimming pool and on the ground with a 10-year old power! Just looking at her makes you feel energetic; this film is like a nutrition drink!!

赤星葵, Aoi Akaboshi

Fuko Ishikawa, 石川 楓子


Fuko Ishikawa, ten years old. As her name tells, she is a cute girl fresh and bright. Call her “Fu-chan”! Please feel the arrival of spring with Fu-chan’s fresh and cute smiles. Then please be healed. Please support her!

石川楓子, Fuko Ishikawa

Natsumi Kirihara, 桐原 なつ美


Natsumi Kirihara, 11 years old. Don’t think 11-year old Natsumi-chan is easy to handle! She is already going up the steps to an adult, and her adulty looks, poses, and attitudes she sometimes shows make you puzzled! You cannot keep your eyes off from Natumi-chan.

桐原なつ美, Natsumi Kirihara

Miho Kaneko, 金子 美穂


Miho Kaneko is … 9 years old! After her birth, she has lived one digit of years. Her favorite and special thing is to play, and she is seen to jump around the screen! Miho-chan’s bright and happy figures will simply make you satisfied.

金子美穂, Miho Kaneko

Mito, みと

大人気レーベル「クララ」。女の子の可愛さも最高です!「みと 11歳」。男は黙ってクララ。観ればわかります!

A very popular label “Clara”. Girls are cutest! Mito, 11 years old. Boys, shut your mouth and choose “Clara”. You will understand when you watch it.

Mito, みと

Arisa Machida, 町田 亜莉沙


Arisa Machida is celebrating her 12th birthday the day before publishing her DVD. In the DVD, the happiest pictures are so many of her having fun in a school swimsuit, bikinis, and a gym uniform.

Arisa Machida, 町田亜莉沙