Natsumi Okumura, 奥村夏未


Natsumi Okumura, said to be the most beautiful girl in the 6th grade, finally appears in “Clara”! Digital filming of Matsumi-chan in a race swimsuit, bikinis, and a gym uniform at a super close-up!

奥村夏未, Natsumi Okumura

Mizuki Sato, 佐藤 瑞希

長期にわたって売れ続ける小学生クララ第4弾!佐藤瑞希は小学館『小学5年生』表紙を飾ったグランプリモデル!スク水、競泳水着、ビキニ、ブルマ、レオタードで過去最高の露出!『小学5年生』の表紙や、小学生に人気のブランドイメージキャラクターをつとめるカリスマ小学生。過去最高の水着点数と露出で、 Jr.アイドル市場を制します。

The 4th DVD of “Elementary school Clara”, which is a long-sale label! Mizuki Sato appeared on the front page of the magazine “5th graders”, a grand prix model! In a school swimsuit, a race swimsuit, bikinis, a bloomer, and a leotard, she exposes herself the most in the history of the series! Charismatic elementary-school girl on the cover page of “5th graders”, an image character of a brand popular among elementary kids. She rules the Jr. idol market with the most swimsuits and exposure.

佐藤瑞希, Mizuki Sato

Satona Hidaka, 日高里菜


An image DVD of a booming junior idol, Satona Hidaka”, with her cuteness and innocent character, who is a regular member of “You did it, grand master Sanma”. In an elementary school, she wears her own favorite bikinis and gym uniforms to show her happy and cute charms fully to you.

日高里菜, Satona Hidaka

Ai Misaki, 美咲 あい


The second DVD in “Angel’s Picture Diary” series. After her debut in November, Ai-chan made a big boom. This time, the filming was carried out in “Fried Park” and a studio in Tokyo. Ai-chan is outstanding in cuteness. MoeMoe scenes at a small river and the angles in the athletic park are excellent. Also, many scenes were taken such as a bubble bath in a tub in the studio. This DVD satisfied Ai-chan fans. Ai Misaki, staffs’ favorite, is so Kawaii.

「天使の絵日記」美咲あい9才 あいくるしい素顔, Ai Misaki

Manae Seki, 関 愛永

天使の絵日記では2本目のまなえちゃん。今回は海外での撮影です。前回はお花畑で楽しく遊ぶまなえちゃんでしたが、今度は青い空の下、輝く海をテーマに撮りました。プールで元気よく、遊んだり、海辺でお散歩したりと、いつも元気な まなえちゃんです。ビキニ姿にレオタード姿と萌え萌えポーズで迫る今回のDVDにまなえファンは感動もの。天真爛漫の関まなえにスタッフもタジタジでした。オマケ映像などお楽しみシーンはタップリあります。

The second DVD of Manae-chan in “Angel’s Picture Diary”. This time, the filming is abroad. In the last DVD, Manae-chan played joyfully in the flower yard, while in this DVD, the theme is a shining sea under the blue sky. Playing happily in the swimming pool and walking on the beach is Manae-chan always vivid. She poses MoeMoely in bikinis and a leotard, which is so impressive. Open-minded Manae Seki makes staffs puzzled. So many scenes and extra scenes.

「天使の絵日記」関愛永8才 萌える少女に抱かれて, Manae Seki

Akane Nakajima, 中島 あかね


Akane-chan is happy to be abroad for the first time for filming. She is very popular in “Angle” series as an adulty girl. In this video, sexy scenes are many in the pool and on the beach. These days, Akane-chan has many fans. Long and beautiful legs are not of a 11-year old girl. All staffs feel so charmed and impressed by her cute bikinis. This “bikini location” should not be missed.

「天使の絵日記」中島あかね11才 南国の空にこだまする祝砲, Akane Nakajima

Ai Misaki, 美咲 あい


The fifth image video of “Angel’s Picture Diary” series, respecting fairies at delicate ages knocking on the door to adolescence, features Ai Misaki, a popular child model. Ai-chan is on the first location abroad, shines her eyes, and hustles. In a cute swimming suit, she swims around in the pool and the sea.

「天使の絵日記」美咲あい9才 南の島で光り輝くきみの瞳, Ai Misaki

Manae, 愛永


This time, MANAE-chan went to Guam. She was fully happy in a beautiful southern island of Guam with a beautiful sea and a sky. Full of scenes that only NANAE-chan can show in the swimming pool and on the beach. Posing in bikinis made the cameraman timid. MANAE-chan is only eight years old but this little girl is used to filming in bikinis. Be her fan! The staffs decided to keep taking NANAE-chan in small bikinis.

「天使の絵日記」愛永9才 子猫のような天使に出会う海, Manae

Aiki Kuroda, 黒田 愛姫


Aiki-chan again appears in “Angel’s Picture Diary”. Last time, she tried fishing and taking a natural spa. This time, she tries a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, and a sea jacuzzi in a fitness center. Aiki-chan was surprised to know that she floats in a sea jacuzzi. She sweats in sauna and a sports gym, and plays around in a very cute way. In the latter part of the video, you cannot miss her playing happily in an athletic place in the mountain. This DVD surely is for fans of Aiki Kuroda. Aiki-chan is happy to become an angel twice.

「天使の絵日記」黒田愛姫11才 イチゴミルクは初恋の香り, Aiki Kuroda