Erika, えりか


The second, expected piece in moecco series. Erika-chan in the second grade with a purest, cutest smiles. She plays with her favorite Teddy bear and plays house♪ In leotard, she rolls around with a big ball. Feeling like a hiking in the park☆, she plays happily in an athletic field. In the bathroom, she washes her body in a swimming suit. 「My big bro, please be for Erika☆」

ぴよぴよハニー えりか, Erika

Erika, えりか


An image video of Erika-chan, a super JS with round eyes and a double eyelid. Energetic power inside a small body of a 9-year older is infinity! Let’s play with pure and happy Erika-cha.

えりかDEちゅ えりか, Erika