Miki Kitajima, 北島 ミキ


In the label “Clara Pictures”, a popular junior idol Miki Kitajima a.k.a. “Mikipo” appears. Taking a bubble bath, dancing ballet, enjoying cosplay, Miki-chan challenges variety of things. Fans, never miss her super cute smiles!

北島ミキ 10歳 ミキぽは○○が大好き, Miki Kitajima

Miki Kitajima, 北島 ミキ


Miki Kitajima, a 10-year old girl, first appears in “Angel’s Picture Diary”. She is a beauty with distinct looks. She poses with smiles in front of the camera without any hesitation, while this is her first shoot. She played happily in a pool and with a shower. Her body was all bubbled in a bath tab, and she enjoyed it. Miki-chan experienced her first film. Now she is on the way to a junior idol.

「天使の絵日記」北島ミキ 10才 君の名は花のミキ, Miki Kitajima

Miki Kitajima, 北島 ミキ

前作が好評だったので、ファンも少しづつ増えつつある「北島ミキ」。可愛い顔、可愛い目とスタッフもドキドキである。そんな「北島ミキ」がヒモビキニを付けたDVDは最高です。お兄さんになりたいファンのためにこれからも頑張ってDVD撮影などの仕事をやることでしょう。北島ミキもこれからジュニアスター街道を目指し歩くことでしょう。スタッフ推薦の「北島ミキ」 10才です。

The last video of Miki Kitajima is attracting many fans. Cute face and cute eyes make staffs happy and excited. Now Miki Kitajima put small bikinis on. For her fans, who want to be her older bro”, she is ready to proceed to the next stage, on the main road on junior stars. All the staffs recommend Miki Kitajima, a 10-year old girl.

「天使の絵日記」北島ミキ 10才 ミキは好みの子は君, Miki Kitajima