Sara Onodera, 小野寺 沙羅


I am Sara Onodera. Nine years old. I am a tiny girl of 124 cm tall. My favorite sport is riding a monocycle, isn’t it greal?! I am good at dancing, yeah yeah! My favorite food is ice cream, of course! And my dream is to be a dancer!! “Clara” tries our best to feature beautiful girls like angels who arrive onto the stressful modern earth, a label one and only, so be with us!

小野寺沙羅, Sara Onodera

Sara Onodera, 小野寺 沙羅


Sara-chan in the second DVD, this time in “Angel’s Picture Diary”. She looks cute in bikinis. She is still 9 years old but her eyes make her look much older and make us tremble. Bikinis, school swimsuit, school uniform, gym uniform, …, so many to see and enjoy. Angel series fill up the desires of junior-DVD lovers, showing Sara -chan playing happily in the swimming pool and taking a bath.

「天使の絵日記」小野寺沙羅 9才 南国で弾けて遊ぶ元気っ子, Sara Onodera

Sara Onodera, 小野寺 沙羅


Sara Onodera, who debuted recently, appears for the second time in “Angel’s Picture Diary”, but she has been in many DVDs already. In the Junior-Idol society, she is well known as a super nova. Fans should like her innocent and happy characters. Where is Sara now who goes well with her bikinis and lovely smiles.? Is this beautiful girl really nine years old, with her shiny hair in the wind? All the staffs recommend Sara-chan the idol.

「天使の絵日記」小野寺沙羅 9才 光る笑顔に光る未来が, Sara Onodera

Sara Onodera, 小野寺 沙羅


This is Sara-chan’s third DVD in “Picture Diary of Angels”. Sara-chan always makes staffs happy and cheerful by the charming smiles. She is getting fans these days, and her events attract them. In this video, she will make fans happy by her fully smiles. Her femininity is a weapon; the way she looks back is of a mature lady. Her charm is a mixture of bewitching and innocence, which is leading her to the adolescence. 9-year old Sara Onodera will be the leading idol in the junior-idol world. Enjoy Sara in bikinis and a leotard.

「天使の絵日記」小野寺沙羅 9才 まっさらでまっしろでまっすぐな沙羅の真心, Sara Onodera