Rikako Yamada, 山田 りかこ


An image video of Rikako Yamada, a “Healthy”, “Cheerful”, “Cute” elementary-school beauty. Boxing, playing in a pool, maid costumes, Japanese summer kimonos… so many to see, watch her cuteness!

山田りかこ ホイップクリーム, Rikako Yamada

Rikako Yamada, 山田 りかこ

小学6年生、天然美少女っ子「山田りかこ」チャンが七変化の表情を見せてくれます! 制服から水着への変身はチョット艶めかしいくらい!潤んだ瞳が可愛いレオタード、キラキラお目々のビキニ姿で見つめられたら、キュンときちゃう。

Natural cuty in the sixth grade, Rikako Ymamada, shows various looks! From a school uniform to a swimsuit, she changes in a bit sexy way! In a leotard and bikinis, her wet, twinkling eyes knock you down.

ティア・ドロップ 山田りかこ, Rikako Yamada

Rikako Yamada, 山田 りかこ


Playful and beautiful girl is Rikako Yamada in the 6th grade. She appears herself happily and sometimes aggressively to cameramen♪ In a leotard, she shows her slim body with many poses from various angles. She rubs herself to be shiny in a school swimsuit taking a shower☆ The camera approaches her slender body slowly and steadily in the garden.

天使のおまじない 山田りかこ, Rikako Yamada