Miyuu Hoshi, 星☆美優


Cute smiles are the charm of Miyuu Hoshi at the age of nine, who tries many things to be a star of junior idols. Dancing in a leotard, trying to be completely an animal like cat and rabbit, and making up for the first time. Help her in front of the screen.

星☆美優 9歳, Miyuu Hoshi

Sara, 沙羅, Miyuu Hoshi, 星☆美優


This picture diary of angels is a special version. The models are most outgoing and joyful girls, Sara-chan and Miyuu-chan. These two have fun in a bathroom making soap balloons and wear bloomers. Fun fun fun. The last part is their balloon smashing game with hips. First they were scared, but they knew how to do it and fun fun fun.

天使の絵日記すぺしゃる ブルマでパン 1 沙羅 星☆美優, Sara, Miyuu Hosh