Natsumi Anzu, 杏 なつみ


An image video of a popular junior idol, Natsumi Anzu. She went to Okinawa for the first time for the film, and hustled in bikinis, a school swimsuit, a gym uniform, etc. She boldly challenged a body painting. Never miss her cute, genuine smiles she sometimes shows!!

杏なつみ, Natsumi Anzu

Natsumi An, 杏 なつみ

天使の絵日記にとても可愛い可愛い女の子が出演してくれました。その名は杏なつみ(あん なつみ)。久々の大ヒット、間違いなしです。オーラが舞い降りたような、杏なつみちゃん。その可愛い仕草やしゃべり方など、ジュニアアイドルファンなら、卒倒しそうな女の子です。得意は新体操で、それはそれは、本格的です。もう7年もやっているので、何でも出来ちゃう「なつみちゃん」、見ていて飽きない、飽きさせないとは、杏なつみちゃんのような女の子のことを言うのだろう。スタッフ一同100点満点です。

Very very cute girl appears in “Angel’s Picture Diary”. Natsumi An is the one. She must be a big hit. On Natsumi An, an aura drops. Her cute way of behaving and talking knocks junior-idols fans down. She is realy good at rhythmic gymnastics. She has been practicing it for seven years so “Natsumi-chan” can do anything. It is so fun to look at Natsumi An. All staffs gave her 100 points.

「天使の絵日記」杏なつみ 10才 眩い陽射しに微笑みがえし, Natsumi Anju

Natsumi An, 杏 なつみ


This is her second appearance in “Angel’s Picture Diary” and her third DVD. Natsumi-chan got popular now. It seems she will be in more videos. The fairy of rhythmic gymnastics showed her performance this time, too. In this DVD, Natsumi-chan with cute smiles in bikinis will fully be exposed. Where was the location this time with Natsumi-chan? She went on a secret journey, which only the staffs knew.

「天使の絵日記」杏なつみ 10才 眩い陽射しに微笑みがえし2, Natsumi Anzu