Aika, 愛佳


Aika-chan debuted in “Angel” series. She keeps playing under the sky of a southern island. She likes blue ocean and showa herself vividly in front of the camera. Very rich contents, such as filming in the water in the pool. Once, try to be an Aika-chan fan. In this second video, Aika-chan smiled in the same way as in the first one. Aika-chan will again appear in “Angel” series. Cheer her up.

「天使の絵日記」愛佳 11才 満開の桜に満面の笑み, Aika

Aika, 愛佳


In “Angel’s Picture Diary”, an 11-year old Aika-chan appears for the first time, who is 125 cm tall and 24 kg weight. Under the sky of Okinawa, she had fun in the pool and on the beach. Aika-chan looks good in a swimsuit, and is really cute. She is a model whom junior-idol fans were looking for. Staffs of “Angel” judge the video to be in the first class. She is stepping up to the top of junior idols. Do not miss it.

「天使の絵日記」愛佳11才 澄んだ瞳に希望と輝く未来を映して, Aika