Aoi Akaboshi, 赤星 葵

赤星葵 10歳…関西在住の元気溌剌おもろい美少女です!フラフープ・一輪車が大得意の運動神経抜群の葵ちゃんがプールに運動にと10歳パワー炸裂で飛び回ります!もう見ているだけで元気モリモリ、栄養ドリンクみたいな作品です!!

Aoi Akaboshi 10 years old… A happy and funny beauty living in Kansai area! Aoi-chan, good at sports, especially hula hoop and monocycle, moves around in the swimming pool and on the ground with a 10-year old power! Just looking at her makes you feel energetic; this film is like a nutrition drink!!

赤星葵, Aoi Akaboshi