Manae, 愛永


This time, MANAE-chan went to Guam. She was fully happy in a beautiful southern island of Guam with a beautiful sea and a sky. Full of scenes that only NANAE-chan can show in the swimming pool and on the beach. Posing in bikinis made the cameraman timid. MANAE-chan is only eight years old but this little girl is used to filming in bikinis. Be her fan! The staffs decided to keep taking NANAE-chan in small bikinis.

「天使の絵日記」愛永9才 子猫のような天使に出会う海, Manae

Manae, 愛永


An image video of a simple and innocent elementary-school idol, Manae-chan. She throws her changing smiles of an angle. When you are drawn into her “Manya World”, you cannot get rid of her moe. Be healed by a cosmos flower blooming in the U12 world.

コスモス 愛永, Manae

Manae, 愛永


Manae-chan, 9-year old, is well known in “Angel’s Picture Diary”. Where has she gone on the plane this time? Manae-chan is always bright and happy. She is so popular among cameramen because of her joy in the camera-shot events. Now she is getting many fans. She did show again her natural happy character in this DVD, too. Manae-chan will try her best as long as she is surrounded by fans.

「天使の絵日記」愛永 9才 子猫マ~ニャのサマ~ホリデ~, Manae

Manae, 愛永


Manae-chan appears in many DVDs in a series “Picture Diary of Angels”. Fans are increasing, which makes Manae-chan happy. This time the record was busily carried out in Osaka and Tokyo. Manae-chan became popular and seems very busy. However, she is always energetic, which is her natural virtue. As soon as she goes into the studio, she jumps to the staffs. She likes to play very much, so the filming is easy. But, she moves so much and needs to take a break soon. These days, her photo albums are published. Manae-chan is entertaining her fans very much.

「天使の絵日記」愛永 10才 子猫の名はタマニャ, Manae