Miho Kaneko, 金子 美穂


Miho Kaneko is … 9 years old! After her birth, she has lived one digit of years. Her favorite and special thing is to play, and she is seen to jump around the screen! Miho-chan’s bright and happy figures will simply make you satisfied.

金子美穂, Miho Kaneko

Miho Kaneko, 金子 美穂


An image video of a beautiful girl, Miho Kaneko, who is like a doll. Jumping joyfully while changing her looks. In front of cameras, she can show her smiles and serious figures all right, but she is still at the age of a little girl. With her charming words, Miho-chan can steal your heart!

ちちんぷいぷい 金子美穂, Miho Kaneko