Rina Endo, 遠藤 リナ


The youngest girl appears in Angel series: Rina Endo of seven years old. This little cute angel is only 110 cm tall. The first DVD filming makes her a little nervous. Angel fans are thrilled to see Rina-chan happily having fun in the pool. She is only seven years old but not an amateur; her nervousness is gone and she is happy in front of the camera. Her debut DVD is luckily in Angel series. Her DVDs are coming out more.

「天使の絵日記」遠藤リナ 7才 真夏のみつばちその名はハニー, Rina Endo

Rina Endo, 遠藤 リナ


An image video of Rina Endo in the second grade. In this video, sister-like Moe girl, Rina-chan, makes her bros happy. One of the best DVDs of elementary-school girls. Pure and innocent is cute Rina-chan while she is playing herself. With round eyes, little Rina-tan “jumps up”.

7ちゃい 遠藤リナ, Rina Endo

Rina Endo, 遠藤 リナ


In the last video, “7 years old”, she made a boom. In this video, Rina Endo in the second grade challenges to be a nurse as a cosplay. Swimsuits and school uniforms are musts, and her smiles charmed even the staffs. The cuteness of Rina-chan is unstoppable!

花組 遠藤リナ, Rina Endo