Wakana Tsukimori, 月森 わかな


Delicate teenage girls who are ready to get into their adolescence… This series is for those fairies, whom we respect. Super energetic girl, Wakana Tsukimori joins the series. Wakana-chan introduces clear streams and country roads with courtesy. School swimsuit, uniform, super high legged bikinis are the ones she puts on. Fans, do not miss this DVD.

「天使の絵日記」月森わかな 11才 懐かしい田舎の風景をたずねて 2, Wakana Tsukimori

Wakana Tsukimori ,月森 わかな


In the series of “Picture Diary” respecting angels and fairies coming to the age of adolescence, Wakana Tsukimori appears for the third time. Look at wet Wakana-chan playing in the pool with hand-made bikinis. Her bright smile like a sun is extremely cute!

「天使の絵日記」 懐かしい田舎の風景を訪ねて3 月森わかな 11才, Wakana Tsukimori

Wakana Tsukimori, 月森 わかな


Wakana Tsukimori is graduating from “Picture Diary of an Angel” series. Wakana-chan has been showing her best smiles all the time. On her final stage, she shows us joyful poses in cute, sexy costumes. Do not forget her last smiles in this series.

「天使の絵日記」 ザ ラスト ステージ 月森わかな 11才, Wakana Tsukimori