吉永 せいな, Seina Yoshinaga


Adulty sex appeal with girly looks, and an excellent figure are the charms of Seina Yoshizawa appearing in this image video. She runs on the beach, plays around in a gym uniform, and exercises gymnastics in a leotard!

ドキュ~ン! 吉永せいな, Seina Yoshinaga

篠原 ゆり, Yuri Shinohara


The first image video of Yuri Shinohara, a pure and beautiful girl, who is getting popular by seen in dramas and TV commercials. 15-year old Yuri-chan in the middle of her adolescence boldly shows her healthy skin. She is shy but shows herself in a swimsuit, a school uniform, and cosplay costumes.

純心美少女 篠原ゆり, Yuri Shinohara

七海 きら, Kira Nanami


Kira-chan coming all the way from Hokkaido says she likes all sports, showing she is active. She is already 160 cm tall, and wears T-backs in a proper manner! She looks cool but she can gaze you with sexy eyes. The debut DVD of a promising idol!!

美少女はJC Vol.17 七海きら, Kira Nanami

赤坂 沙絵, Sae Akasaka


Sae Akasaka chose her studies and quit to be a junior idol; so pity. Her shining smiles and flexible body must be shown and seen; we persuaded her to be in a video only once again! After her retirement, she is opener and bolder to us? Yes, her bouncing breasts are definitely more charming than before!

美少女はJC Vol.18 赤坂沙絵, Sae Akasaka

戸谷 美月, Mizuki Totani


The first image video of Mizuki Totani, a purely white 13-year old girl. Mizuki-chan was so nervous at the first shots. Her figures and looks are so cute when she takes a leotard and a race swimsuit on and feels shy. Her way of taking off her school uniform with her cheeks brushed is a treasure for us.

ほおづき 戸谷美月, Mizuki Totani

金子 あかね, Akane Kaneko


Akane Kaneko is in the 9th grade and her grown E-cup busts shock you! A miracle 15-year old gAkane-chan debuts. She is only 152-cm tall and her skin is like marshmallow and her shy smiles are truly cute! What can I talk with this girl, I got nervous. Oh? your favorite words are “Efforts and Endurance”? Your favorite actor is “Sho Aikawa”? Hey, you, you can go with this middle-aged man! Very individual girl surely did heal me.

美少女はJC Vol.19 金子あかね, Akane Kaneko

静 実芽, Mime Shizuka


Every time,fresh and new JCs have been discovered in the pure-and-cute series, and this time a promising idol candidate was hatched and born. She is still blooming. When will she be a big flower and have fruits?! We want to watch and see how she grows! Heart-beating debut of brand-new Mime-chan!

美少女はJC Vol.20 静実芽, Mime Shizuka

福西 あいり, Airi Fukunishi


Very delicate body and a face of an elementary school girl. By her lovely smiles like those of a small animal, all bros in the world are charmed to heaven. A pure-pure debut of a sister-type idol! She looks childish so she seems defensive, but actually, Airi-chan is a class counsel and very smart! She might scold you, “Hey, Bro, watch out!” if you are careless?!

美少女はJC Vol.21 福西あいり, Airi Fukunishi

Mitsuki Sugino, 杉野 光希, Mana, 真奈, Ayaka Kudoh, 工藤 綾夏, Miki Watanabe, 渡辺 美紀


In the second DVD of “Palette” label showing graceful junior high and high school girls, four students as Mana-chan in the 8th grade appear. The girls in adolescence show adulty figures once in a while and coincident poses are taken during the PE class in this DVD, which should never be missed.

パレット学園2組, 杉野光希,真奈,工藤綾夏,渡辺美紀, Mitsuki Sugino, Mana, Ayaka Kudoh, Miki Watanabe

Sayaka Shichiboshi, 七星 さやか, Miria Anka, 杏夏 ミリア, Anri Koyama, 小山 杏梨, Maaya Takahashi, 高橋 麻綾


七星さやかさん13歳 杏夏ミリアさん14歳 小山杏梨さん13歳 高橋麻綾さん13歳

The third video of the “Pallet” label, in which graceful junior high and high school girls are shown. The girls in school uniforms, bloomers, and school swimsuits have fun at school taking various poses. Miraculous eros of the girls seen during the PE class are completely reproduced in this video.

Sayaka shichiboshi, 14 YO; Miria Anka, 14 YO; Anri Koyama, 13 YO; Maaya Takahashi, 13 YO

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