4. How to buy points.

In order to download your favorite videos, you need to buy points. Precisely, it depends on how many points you buy, but approximately,

1 point = 10 yen = 10 US cents.

In order to buy points, you need to log in.

Click the button, 「ポイント購入(クレジットカード決済)(Buy points with credit card)」, for the purchase with a credit card.

In the following page, you choose how many points you buy.

I chose 300 points paying 3000 yen.

Then the card information page appears.

For the telephone number, I added the country code (81: Japan).

Click the button after you confirm the information shown.

After the purchase is completed, you will see the following page.

Check your e-mail. A confirmation mail arrives to you as follows.

[決済番号    ] 12345678
[カード名義  ] Tonton Kato
[決済金額    ] \3,000
[決済日時    ] 2012/04/06 20:01:00
[ご請求名    ] PIM 035759xxxx もしくは ET057002xxx 

[問合せ先    ]

決済サービスご利用規約( http://www.ipservice.jp/tandcframe.html )

You are now ready to download video files!


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