5. How to choose and download videos.

First you need to login.

On the upper right corner, check the points you have (I have 300 points now).

Then, choose your favorite idol’s video. Click and check freely until you find the one. You will never be charged.

I chose “Honey Pine” of “Kusunoki Hikari (楠木 ひかり)”.

Click the button on the lower right “ダウンロード購入する” for the download. Confirmation page appears as follows.

Check and click the purchase button, “購入”, on the lower right.

I have purchased the video. I have now 200 points left.

Click the button “ダウンロードページへ” for the download.

Click the button “ダウンロードFile01 (Download File01)” using a right button of a mouse. Save the file in your PC.

The file had 1.3 Gb. It took a several minutes.

I succeeded in downloading the file, ”Honey Pine” of “Kusunoki Hikari (楠木 ひかり)”. She is cute and sexy!!



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