野咲 里華, Rika Nozaki


Rika Nozaki with a bouncing soft body. In this heart-beating debut DVD, she tried her best to answer to our expectations, with hesitations and shyness. Lingerie-type cute swimsuit. Very clear silhouette of tits and hips with a transparent organdie. Do not close your eyes when a white race swimming suit is shut by a water gun!! The real face of a sexy and charming girl is totally recorded.

100%美少女Vol.60野咲里華, Rika Nozaki

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真希 ほのか, Honoka Maki


Maki Honoka, an evangelist of Love and Eros, has not only a positive character bright like the sun but also tasty lady-like body lines, and are heading for the frontiers of gravure! In the delicate period between childness and sexiness, she exposes to the limit, which thrills JK lovers (would the exposure be “out” by the authority?), and spectacle views are more and more shown.

100%美少女Vol.59真希ほのか, Honoka Maki

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浜田 由梨, Yuri Hamada


I was thinking she is still a slender girl, but with a swimsuit on, she was different! Round, bowl-shaped beautiful busts are moving and being shaken! From the back, peach-like hips with beautiful curves were hidden! Huum? And her body is very flexible, too. We might have found someone very special!!!

100%美少女Vol.56浜田由梨, Yuri Hamada

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萌映, Mebae


Her face is so childish and her body is so slim that she is still mistaken as a junior-high student. Her cute eyes look like those of a chihuahua. Smooth and shiny long hair. We hardly encounter a girl like this! The existence itself is miracle, but her T-back bikinis seem unreal! Yes, this unrealistic, dreamy moment will be made come true by “100% beautiful girl”!

100%美少女Vol.55萌映, Mebae

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平本 ゆう, Yuu Hiramoto


An innocent girl from Hokkaido debuted in “100%”. Skin of a girl from the northern land is surely white and fair! In spite of her quiet looks, she hides a fire burning hard inside, so watch out! Don’t get too close or you will be burnt. Watch the video with a great caution, please!

100%美少女Vol.51平本ゆう, Yuu Hiramoto

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葉山 裕美, Hiromi Hayama


Loli face, but a mole by the mouth is super sexy…. The delicate balance of cuteness and sexiness is her charm. Girly Hiromi-chan likes to cook cakes, but once in front of a camera, she changes bold and sexy as an adulty woman! Then suddenly, she shows a face of a small kitty with shyness …. Come all the boys who want to be puzzled by this mysterious girl!

100%美少女Vol.47葉山裕美, Hiromi Hayama

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藤堂 なつき, Natsuki Todo


A young lady with an intelligent and sweat atmosphere. This girl wears a T-back?! Hand bras?! In addition, you show such bold poses?! Small but well-shaped hips are all seen! Her growing breast is pretty good. Thanks to Natsuki-chan, my summer will be a nice one!

100%美少女Vol.41藤堂なつき, Natsuki Todo

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大月 ちな美, Chinami Otsuki


She is only 152 cm tall, but she can never be ignored! Her friendly smiles heal you, but her soft and bouncing body knocks you out! “I am a big fan of Crayon Shin-chan” she said rather childishly, but in front of cameras, she becomes bold, which is surprising.

100%美少女Vol.36大月ちな美, Chinami Otsuki

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河井 詩文, Shifumi Kawai


“Ututu Corporation” with a suspicious atmosphere of indies and castings of girls never seen are gaining supports from the users from the beginning. However, fans are giving opinions to us: “Girls are seen in other labels these days”. We then searched for girls and found “Shifumi Kawai” this time. Her wordless cuteness and “H” poses with such shyness are must to be checked.

100%美少女Vol.35河井詩文, Shifumi kawai

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黒木 ななみ, Nanami Kuroki

高校2年生のななみちゃんは学校でも評判の美少女。どんなに地味な格好をしていても目をひきます。普通にしていても可愛いのに、水着姿なんかになった日にはもう大変!しかもその水着が極小Tバック~?!あぁ、、、なんてありがたい!ブルマーや競泳水着、制服姿ももちろんグー!天使のような彼女の限界 SEXYをご堪能ください。

Nanami-chan in the 11th grade is famous for her beauty at school. However humble she wears, everybody notices her. She is cute as she is, so when she wears a swimsuit, oh my! And the swimsuit is a micro T-back~?! Oh… Thank God! Bloomer, race swimsuit, school uniform, all so good! Enjoy the SEXY limit of an angle.

100%美少女Vol.29黒木ななみ, Nanami Kuroki

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